International Auto Shipping

Whether you’re a seasoned auto exhibitionist looking to tour a stunning new model across the country or a private collector interested in importing a coveted foreign car in or out of the states, the logistics of internationally shipping a vehicle require a professional familiarity and insight into complicated intersections between insurance coverage and Visa approval. Bluestar Auto Movers is proud to not only be one of the leading auto shipping providers in the United States, but also to offer exceptional international auto transportation to our valued customers.

There’s a lot of ground to cover in terms of securing approval in order to legally import an exotic, potentially non-compliance conforming vehicle into the states. One way is to secure Show & Display Approval, which effectively allows the applicant to import a vehicle for exhibition strictly on the merit of its historical or technological significance, so long as you apply for permission from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The alternative route to import a vehicle is to apply for a carnet (pronounced kar-nay), an international customs and temporary export-import document that simplify customs procedures for the temporary importation of exotic vehicles, as well as other various types of goods.

Whichever method suits your particular needs best, Bluestar Auto Movers takes what would otherwise be an involved and exhausting application process and simplifies it, saving our customers both time and energy better spent on their new vehicle.

Need to Ship Overseas?

Bluestar Auto Shipping boasts a team of professionals experienced with overseas relocation procedures who will work hard to get your vehicle transported safely and on time.

Blue Star Benefits

Bluestar can help ensure compliant shipping when sending your vehicle abroad. Services offered include bill of lading, international tracking, customs support and assistance with other intricacies related to shipping vehicles across varying borders.