Bluestar is at the forefront of technology and innovation. We offer technology solutions to benefit both the RMC and the individual. Our shipper portal and RMC systems integration help differentiate ourselves from other auto transport carriers in the industry. With a dedicated development team, we can custom fit our IT solutions to fit your very needs.

Inspection Photo App

We provide mobile technology to enable customers to take photo inspections of their vehicles before and after shipment.  This technology also brings Electronic BOLs to Bluestar as well as a post vehicle delivery claim process.

RMC System Integration

Bluestar can seamlessly integrate directly with our partner RMC order management systems. Our open-feed API can facilitate real-time transport status updates so that our partners can always monitor their client moves, providing the complete and transparent offering your corporate clients deserve. Vehicle photo inventories help reduce risk of claims and negligence, as well as facilitate an expeditious remediation process in the event of an unforeseen issue. RMCs can also utilize our electronic invoices to process paperwork faster.

Shipper Portal

Our shipper portal allows customers to track an order from start to finish. It is optimized for mobile enabling customers to review and edit order details, as well as electronically sign the letter of engagement and other important documentation directly from a smartphone or tablet. Before dropping off your vehicle, take photos or videos of an automobile and upload them through our shipper portal to help guarantee your vehicle arrives in the same condition you left it. Additionally, customers can log into the shipper portal at any time during the transportation process to check for status updates.