Rare and collectible cars deserve special treatment. Treatment that Blue Star can deliver. Bluestar offers a full line of enclosed shipping options, from single car hot shot shipping up to multi-car 52′ enclosed trailers for shipping collections of vehicles.

Enclosed Hot Shot

When you need your vehicle there quickly and protected from the elements, Bluestar offers expedited hot shot direct shipping services. Our white glove service ensures that your car is treated with the utmost of care from the moment it is loaded until it arrives at its destination. Pickup options include residential and commercial, with accommodations such as ramps for low ground clearance vehicles. Single vehicle weight limits do apply, so contact us for more details regarding enclosed hot shot shipping.

Ideal for:

  • Race Cars
  • Exotic Car Shipping
  • Classic Cars
  • Convertibles (Ariel Atoms, Caterhams, etc.)
  • Any vehicle that needs protection from rain, snow, sunlight or road debris
  • Discreet transportation

Enclosed Standard

Need your car shipped, but not urgently? Bluestar offers standard 52′ enclosed trailers for partial or full booking. Standard shipping delivery times will vary based on stops along the route. Dedicated whole trailer shipping time is based on distance and external factors such as weather and traffic conditions. Contact us to discuss rates and shipping options.